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Credit Repair for Homebuyers

Preparing you for home loan pre-approval 

Qualifying for a mortgage is a complex process. It is a very detailed process that analyzes income, assets AND CREDIT. Most consumers assume that if they qualify for an apartment or a car, they automatically qualify for a mortgage, not exactly. Your mortgage approval is not solely based on your credit score but more on the contents of the credit file. You can be approved for a loan with a 580 credit score and you can be denied with a 700 credit score. While most car loans are based on one credit bureau, mortgage companies consider all three credit bureaus.

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Who knows home loans better than a Loan Officer?

I'm Tanita, and I am a licensed Mortgage Loan Officer. I analyze mortgage applications and match potential homebuyers with the best loan for their scenario. Once income, assets and credit have been reviewed, I issue a mortgage pre-approval letter so the house hunt can begin!

Reading and understanding mortgage guidelines is key to being an effective Mortgage Loan Officer. No two clients are the same. That's why it is important to know which items on your credit report are helpful and which are harmful. Not all debt is bad, in fact, it can be helpful. That is why it is important to work with a credit professional that understands LOANS and CREDIT.

Your single source for credit repair and loan pre-approval!

My Goal

To prepare you for Homeownership 

I will work to improve your credit profile to match the loan program requirements. Not all loans are the same and not all buyers will match all loan programs. I will review your current credit scenario, prepare a qualification plan and move towards your pre-approval letter!

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What is the investment?

$100 per month

Work with a credit consultant that is a homeowner and has been through the homebuying process many times. Don't trust your loan eligibility to just anyone!  

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